Marilyn Style: I Found a New Way to Shop (Shop, Shop)

bIMG_5063I originally started my instagram shop to get rid of some of my old clothes and thrift finds, but it turns out it’s also a really good way to fill your closet with goodies too. I pledged that I wouldn’t be buying, only selling, but I caved pretty quickly. So far I have gotten so really amazing vintage dresses that I am sure will show up on here eventually. I even nudged Brianna into buying some gorgeous earrings. Like, multiple pairs. Oops!
bIMG_5067My favorite shop is in California. She likes vintage, is my same size and build, and sometimes she posts pictures of her amazing dogs. You can see why it’s my favorite. She is also really good at repurposing or adding fun details to clothes. This crop top I bought from her is actually an old vintage dress. I love that it hits a little lower so I can wear it safely to work with anything high-waisted. The scalloped edges are so creative and well done. Definitely not another one of these floating around, and unique antiques are my kryptonite!
bIMG_5071I paired this with my favorite high-wasited maxi skirt, my comfy flats, and some gold flower earrings.
bIMG_5070I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful obsession. Goodbye, summer. You went out with a bang!

What I Wore:
Crop top: Shopapplecor
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Forever 21

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