Marilyn Style: Romp Around

I have been doing some tour de force thrifting lately to fill up my shop I started on Instagram, but I must admit I have been getting a lot of stuff for myself too.
bIMG_4780This romper was something I grabbed at a local thrift store thinking it was a dress and that I would sell it. UM NOPE.
bIMG_4783I tried it on and I have spent every single waking non-work hour in it since.I have never had good luck with rompers. As a hourglass shape, they usually aren’t very kind to your waist. As a human above four feet tall, they usually end up showing a little too much leg (and very upper leg) for my liking. Enter: The 1980’s. Thank you, terrible decade, for making up for feathered bangs and acid washed jeans!
bIMG_4790Thanks to the belt, the long shorts (which I have rolled up a bit), and the busy print, I feel perfectly at home in this romper. Now if only I didn’t have to get undressed every time I had to pee!bIMG_4788I have been wearing this running errands and it is a kid magnet. Maybe it is my likeness to Ms. Frizzle or the fact that I look like their kooky elementary school art teacher, but I even had a girl grab me by the hand and lead me around her yard at a garage sale. Ah, uterus, you must stay strong!
What I Wore:
Earrings: Target
Romper: Thrifted
Shoes: Target

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