Marilyn Style: Flat Out Comfy

If you know me and you have seen me lately, you might think I’ve gone off my rocker. I’m a girl who loves to elongate the leg and hates to not have her heel arched. For as long as I have been caring about my outward appearance (the tomboy phase died in ’01) I have been wearing heels, wedges and platforms with partial grace.

Besides liking the way the look, I have always preferred wedges for their comfort as well. I know that sounds crazy, but I have never had a pair of flats that haven’t done some serious damage on the back of my heel or crushed my toes to smithereens. Not until now, that is.

bIMG_4763I LOVE THESE BABIES. They were $5 clearance shoes, feel like you’re walking on poodles (sorry poodles!), and are still super cute!
bIMG_4771They also look great with the new vintage dress I got at a local vintage boutique a couple weeks ago. Though it’s a little oversized, I couldn’t get it out of my hands when I left the store….so now I own it. I love the colors and it’s very comfy!

I kept the whimsy going with a large-brimmed blue hat and butterfly earrings. I get the dizzy going by spinning until I couldn’t see straight 🙂


What I Wore:
Dress: Rewind Vintage in Minneapolis
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Target
Hat: Thrift store


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