Marilyn Style: The Power of the Flower

Sometimes you just love something so much you have to smother it. That is the saying, right? Since I have so many flower-related items, I decided to wear them all for an afternoon adventure a couple weekends ago.
If I’m not on trend, it might be because I killed the trend :/. Nonetheless I had fun, and that’s all the should matter in fashion.

I have had this thrifted skirt forever and it is one of my favorites. I usually wear it on my hips, but it didn’t look right that way with the crop top. Bunch it up with a hair tie and BAM, it fits my waist. The crop top is from Forever 21, which always seems to have enough flower-inspired items to last a lifetime.

I had a lot of fun with my hair. I rarely wear a high bun, and I rarely wear my hair up when wet because I just look bald (volume is a blonde girl’s friend). But combining them worked out surprisingly well. I initially had one flower in my hair, but I decided ALL THE FLOWERS would distract from the hair-slick a bit. It was my first time doing this version of a flower crown and I am in love. I love the crown/forehead band trend but it usually leaves me with a headache from the pressure.
Of course a beautiful flower can’t last long with out its leaves, so I had to wear them on my ear to get the full photosynthesis.


What I Wore:
Skirt: Thrifted
Crop Top: Forever21
Earrings: Target
Flowers: H&M and Forever21

What are some of your favorite patterns?

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