Jackie Style: Delightful Denim

Before the veil of humidity cast itself over Minnesota, we had some cooler days. Unseasonably low temperatures in July meant I wore pants! But you won’t catch me complaining. Wind and low 70s? Bring. It. On.

I got to show off my new pair of high-waisted jeans, the same brand and fit as a pair of shorts I own but longer. I love how stretchy they feel!

IMG_5226Jeans do not always agree with my butt/hips, and they are always – always – too low-rise for my taste. Little known fact: my field of study was not in plumbing. High-waisted jeans help me feel comfortable on a day-to-day basis and add an extra bit of flair to a normal outfit. With this pair, I like how the jeans look with a blouse tucked in or left out. I definitely recommend them if you have the same jeans phobia!

And of course, the classic Peter Pan collar makes any outfit delightful šŸ™‚


This pair of jeans is a bit long on me, which allows for some fun hem folding, which also allows for showing off my pair of duck oxfords. These make me so giddy. Whenever I look down at my feet while wearing them, I get happy. How could you not? I have no ducking clue.

Yep. Went there.

Now that the temperatures are rising, selecting outfits becomes more of a science. What can I wear that will keep me cool, but not too cool in the AC-pumping office, but not leave me drenched with sweat once I get to my car and go home?

Stay tuned to see if I ever find out the answer, or to see if I have found a way to successfully avoid the outdoors until it cools off again. Only 62 days until autumn! šŸ˜‰

What I Wore:
Blouse: ModCloth
Earrings: Freckles & Company (similar)
Jeans: ModCloth
Shoes: Restricted

What are your denim pet peeves? How do you solve them?


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