Marilyn Style: Queen of Cotton Candy

Every time I wear this dress from ModCloth, I imagine myself eating a big wad of cotton candy at some magical carnival. Since there was a carnival going on across the street from my apartment this past weekend, I decided to give it a go, sans the cotton candy (a girl can only consume so much straight sugar).

Since this dress is a little on the shorter side, I paired it with some black leggings, black belt, and my handy dandy flip flops. I wear my glasses much less in the summer, but when they match your outfit so well you have to keep them on. Keeping with the pink theme, I dug out some old pink earrings to match.
To be honest, I’m not as in to the actual look of this dress on me, but as a design, I can’t deny it. The pink/black color scheme is so feminine, and the back has the cutest cut. Since I’m a person with so many dresses, I try not to keep the ones I don’t absolutely love on my figure (so there is room for more!), but once you have the perfect scenario in your head on how to wear something, it’s hard to part with. Who knows? Now that I’ve played out my carnival dreams, this dress will go on to better things….or maybe I’ll just find more carnivals.
Since I couldn’t stomach the cotton candy, I got my favorite carnival standby: shaved ice! Sugar water and ice, what could be better?
Dress: ModCloth
Belt: Target
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Claire’s

6 thoughts on “Marilyn Style: Queen of Cotton Candy

  1. mommylap says:

    All that dress needs is a black hemband, and I bet you’d wear it way more often! It’s a super cute silhouette for your figure.

      • mommylap says:

        At your service! It’s got just the right amount of retro + Tim Burton. It must be worn! Also, I wanted to comment on your crop top post, but find I cannot. In any case, I love the proportions you’re rocking. One of the surprising bits of fashion inspo I have gotten from my teen daughter is that a high waisted skirt and a crop or halter top can be flattering no matter what your belly slackage AS LONG as you pick the right spot for exposed skin. You’re adorable as always.

      • Ahh Thank you! Yes it’s surprising how much we can learn from teens–even if we don’t want to admit it 🙂 They usually have the confidence down, so that’s a must! – Melissa

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