Marilyn Style: Christmas in July

Ok, so it was one of the last days of June when I wore this, but Christmas in June sounds dumb so let me use my poetic license!

IMG_4342This amazing poppy dress from ModCloth has been one I had my eye on for a very very long time. I always had it in my wish list, but every time I saved up money or gift cards to get something, there was always a dress that was more “practical” (gross). FINALLY I bit the bullet this winter and bought the dress of dreams!


I wore it a couple times over Christmas and jazzed it up with bows and green velvet blazers. As you may have already deduced, I am not one to shy away from wearing Christmas bows in my hair or don candy cane earrings. Once summer rolled around, I kind of saw this dress as a Christmas dress, and therefore forgot about it a bit.

As my apology for abandoning this ALL SEASONS dress, I wore it out to a networking event in downtown Minneapolis. It was for MNFilmTV and it was a lot of fun! My professor provided a bunch of tickets for alum, so I got to schmooze with my old classmates (and some new friends) and get all gussied up. I am terrible at talking to strangers, so I wanted to wear something that spoke for me and potentially would get the conversation going somewhere other than the weather.


I paired this dress with some fun Modcloth earrings Brianna got me a couple Christmas’s ago. I’m just bringing all the Christmas out! I also wore a belt I got with a different ModCloth dress, because belts are important. I topped it off with my simple nude wedges so I could still be comfortable standing all night.


Here is a picture of all the alum from the event’s photobooth. Can you tell we were film majors?


What I Wore:
Dress: ModCloth
Earrings: ModCloth
Belt: ModCloth
Shoes: JCPenney

Do you have pieces in your closet you wear during a particular season? How have you refashioned them to be all-year items?


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