Jackie Style: Modfit

All I wanted for my birthday was ModCloth, and I was given plenty of opportunity to indulge! I am a very lucky lady. 🙂

I’ve been waiting for the rain to die down to wear this lovely little ModCloth outfit – a Modfit, if you will.




I’ve been afraid of midi skirts because I thought I was too short for them. After wearing this beauty, I love them! So light and airy, and perfect for a summer day! I’m also not one for sandals usually; most sandals go between your toes and that drives me crazy. I like a nice, comfy, completely open-toed experience. These Saltwater babies deliver!

My husband and I spent this Saturday in Waconia attending a band festival I used to march when I was in high school – I spun flag in color guard and was a section leader my senior year. Plus, one of my friends from marching band is an instructor now, so I got to see my alma mater and his band play! I don’t care if being in marching band is nerdy, it was some of the best high school memories 🙂


IMG_4900Waconia is a small lake town west of where I live in the outlying suburbs. They have cute antique shops, a scenic downtown, and the best coffee shop EVER! It’s in an early 20th century home, and the upstairs is open with old couches and tables. It’s the most adorable place. I love that they serve banana-flavored drinks all year round, sine their name is Mocha Monkey.

Wandering around town allowed for some scenic photo backgrounds. I love old homes – they all have their own unique character.




The one negative part of this summer weather peaking out is the presence of mosquitoes. I feel like they’ve come back with a  vengeance this year. Luckily, we only have 91 days until autumn 😉

What I Wore:
Blouse: ModCloth
Skirt: ModCloth
Sandals: ModCloth

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