Marilyn Style: To Dye For

As I’ve mentioned before, there are certain colors I just can’t do with my skin tone (polar bear in a snowstorm) and the list keeps getting longer. Light pinks, grays, white. No, no, no. But perhaps the worst color on me is beige. If you look in my closet, you will find not a single beige sundress, but that wasn’t always true. This green beauty used to be beige, and that boggles my mind.
My sister hand dyed this ethereal dress when we were looking for bridesmaid dress options for her wedding. Though it’s a gorgeous dress, it spent a lot of time sitting in my closet waiting for me to become a darker shade of pale. Now it’s back to being happily worn.
I paired this dress with my brand new birthday boots from ModCloth gift certificates I got for my birthday. I have been wearing boots a lot with my dresses now, even through the summer. I used to constantly wear wedges, but since I like running all over my building at work and hiking in the mud after work, I’ve become a boot convert. Switching to more comfortable shoes….a sign of age? Oh well, at least they are cute!
I finished off the look with some vibrant green leaf earrings from Target. I have to admit, this entire get up makes me feel a bit like a fairy…and I’m ok with that.
Dress: Forever 21 and my sister’s handywork
Boots: ModCloth
Earrings: Target
What colors do you avoid? Are there any colors you gravitate to because they work with your complexion?

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