Marilyn Style: Playing Favorites

In a closet of 200+ dresses, it’s hard to choose a favorite. It’s so hard that most days I stare at my closet for ten minutes before deciding I have absolutely nothing to wear. That being said, this vintage dress is up there in my list of favorites of all time.
I got this dress at a thrift store near my home town when I was 16. That means I’ve had this fella in my possession for almost ten years now, which leads me to believe I’m the oldest and luckiest person on the planet. I love love love the pattern, the color, the lace detail, and the mother of pearl buttons. It fits me perfectly and I wear it year round (winter includes leggings and a big fake fur cardigan).
Initially this dress came with a quilted jacket of the same pattern. I still have it, but I’m not 70’s enough to wear them in tandem. You can tell it is worn less as it is much more vibrant with a lot less pizza stains.
My mom got me this amazing lace pink jacket for my birthday. She actually let me open it super early, but then put it back in the bag as my birthday present because she can’t keep a secret. Early or not, it’s one of my new favorites. I don’t know what decade it is, I’d say 80’s, but it’s hardly annoying enough to be from the 80’s.
I purposely wore these earrings for two reasons. The pink flowers and mother of pearl beads for one, but they also have sentimental value. My neighbor made them and gave them to my recently when I was visiting my parent’s house. She just recently passed away, and now I am so thankful I have a little piece of her to hold on to.
Dress: Vintage
Jacket: Vintage
Earrings: Handmade
Boots: Groupon


Do you have any classic pieces that have lasted through the years? How do you continue to incorporate them into your wardrobe?

4 thoughts on “Marilyn Style: Playing Favorites

  1. Love this! I always buy pieces when traveling so that when I wear them, I can get all sentimental about my adventures. Today, I’m wearing a sweater from Norway and earrings from Mexico 🙂

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