Marilyn Style: Birthday Suit

“I am aware of what I do and do not have!” I shouted in an echo-y pool room. This weekend I hosted a Birthday pool party for my golden birthday. I believe there was a comment about my sister and I’s assets (she is more endowed upstairs, I have a larger natural seat cushion)…and out I blurted the family secret: we know.

I have always dressed to hide my bootay, but thanks to J.Lo, Beyonce, and adulthood, I’m ok with showing off what I got (and even what I don’t!). If you would have asked me to try on a high-waisted, horizontal-striped swimsuit a couple years ago I would have laughed in your face, but as the years go on I either care way less about what others think, or care about how I’m unique way more (mixture of both?), so this spring I ordered this vintage number from ModCloth.


Not only does it accentuate my curves, it plays them up! It even makes the girls (code word for breasts) a little more…womanly. I will admit I don’t like how it hides my stomach, which is one thing I have actually always been proud of, but sometimes you gotta put the abs away for the sake of vintage fashion! I might not wear this suit religiously this summer (weirdest tan line ever?) but I’m definitely keeping it in rotation.


Here is me, riding on my inflatable turtle, wearing platforms cuz I’m 25 and alive.


Thanks to my friend Joe again for snapping some pictures!

What I Wore:
Suit: ModCloth
Shoes: Target

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