Jackie Style: Go Your Own Way

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! Mine was a pretty busy one – my husband’s birthday was Tuesday, and so we planned a big road trip from Minnesota to Yellowstone National Park. Sharing a birthday month with your spouse is not easy, but I love him so he’s worth it 🙂 We split the drive into two days on the way there but decided to power through on the way home. The allure of your own bed can be quite strong!

If you’re spending all day driving the number one priority is comfort, but comfort and cute don’t have to be mutually exclusive! A fun, baggy t-shirt paired with a sun hat can go a long way. Pro tip: hats help cover slightly gross hair, which comes in handy when your departure time is 6:00 am. For shoes, I make sure they feel comfortable while driving. The shorts I am wearing are pretty stretchy, so they didn’t make me feel too tight.

Why would you care about looking fashionable on a road trip if you’re going to spend all day in the car? If you’re not making a 16-hour drive in one day like some of us (pulls collar…), you’re probably stopping along the way and enjoying any fun sites you may see, like a GIANT buffalo statue (I’m looking at you, Jamestown, N.D.). I hate photos of me with car hair and sweatpants personally, so it allows you to feel confident and ready if a memory is about to be made 🙂

This t-shirt was a necessity on this road trip. Zac is a big Fleetwood Mac fan, particularly of the “Rumours” album, and it’s grown on me as well. It’s a staple on any long drive we take, so when I saw this t-shirt on ModCloth I had to have it for our inevitable car renditions!


What I Wore:
T-Shirt: ModCloth
Shorts: ModCloth
Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Somewhere in Santa Monica forever ago

This road trip was truly amazing, and Yellowstone was wonderful. I can’t wait to go back someday! I will leave you with some photos from the best moment of the trip: the Taco Bus, where we ate dinner after a long hike on Memorial Day. Sure, we saw canyons and waterfalls and wildlife and amazing displays of geology, but TACO BUS.

Note the chambray shirt in the third photo – I can’t get enough 🙂




What are some of your road trip fashion tips?


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