Marilyn Style: Put a Bird on it II – Pig in the City

I’ll admit, I’ve put a bird on it way more than anyone should. My living room is full of bird knick knacks, my closet is full of bird dresses, and today I tried to hug a goose.

But just because I have a problem doesn’t mean I have to fix it. I see my bird problem as a good problem, and so here I am with this beautiful new dress from This website has caught my attention lately (aka my wallet) and although it took 2 weeks to ship (the dresses are from India)…holy crap was it worth it.
I got this dress, a pink skirt, and a wonderful skirt/halter combo which I’m sure will show up on here eventually. The site lets you do custom orders based on size/length/cut, but I left this dress as is and I LOVE it. The red and blue play off each other wonderfully and the birds actually go all the way around the skirt, which makes me very happy. The best part: it has pockets! Every dress-loving girl knows this is a big deal.
I paired this look with a red belt from Goodwill, some gold leaf earrings from ModCloth, and my good old black flip flops. Sometimes you just need to let your dress speak for itself and keep the fancy shoes at home. I was lucky enough to have the wristband for the show match my birds – we can’t let a wristband ruin a good outfit!
I wore this dress to a Motion City Soundtrack show in celebration of their 10 year anniversary of their album I am the Movie.My friend Joe was nice enough to get a picture for me. Also in celebration, I edited this documentary. If you’re a fan (or an uber fan like me), check it out!


What I Wore:
Belt: Goodwill
Earrings: ModCloth
Shoes: Target

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