Marilyn Style: Howdy There, Pilgrim

I’m back in black, as spring has taken a slight hiatus. It went hard for a good three days, so I guess it deserves a break. (Note: If there was a sarcasm font, it would be applied to the previous sentence).

Yes the weather got colder and I gave in. I refuse to wear pants, but I know when it’s best to dress a little warmer, and a little more somber (RIP Spring!).

I acquired this “pilgrim” dress (that’s as best as I can describe it) from ModCloth this winter and wanted to make sure I got to wear it one more time before I retire it for the season. Normally I dress it up with a colored belt or colored tights, but since black was the theme I kept it simple with my black tights and black boots.


My new favorite sweater that I have been wearing as a jacket topped off the look; even if it didn’t, I’d still probably be wrapped up in it. I love houndstooth and am so happy it’s coming back. I will resist the urge to wear this with my new houndstooth shorts (even I know better…maybe). My workplace brings in vendors sometimes, so this little beauty is from a local boutique called Mainstream Boutique. Nothing like spending money while you’re trying to make it.

My ears are from ModCloth, because lets face it, most of my closet is.

What I Wore:
Dress: ModCloth
Boots: Cotton On
Tights: Target
Sweater: Mainstream Boutique
Earrings: ModCloth

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