Marilyn Style: Gone Country

I know I last stated I was more of a Punk Rock Princess, but sometimes you just gotta see what it is like on the dark side. 🙂

This look was my welcoming back a short stint on picnic weather. I had ordered the “dress” from Ruche, loving the Wizard of Oz-esque look. Unfortunately, it’s definitely more of a tunic on me, so it has to be paired with pants or leggings. I chose my “jeggings,” something I rarely wear. They terrify me a bit with out anything to cover them – they show more than anyone needs to see. But with this outfit, they worked perfectly.

I love the collar on this dress! I’m slowly getting ok with the Peter Pan cut, though I will always like showing off a little collar bone when given the chance (I’m a weirdo who finds collar bones in all shapes and sizes very interesting. Forgive me). Nonetheless, I do like this collar and made sure it showed over my cardigan. I can’t place where I got this cardigan, though it is one of my favorites. Very soft in both color and feel!

Of course I had to belt the whole thing together, because I’m a belt monster. And the flower earrings are just here to say “It’s spring and that’s great.” I struggled to find boots that looked ok with the jeggings. I really struggled. I tried so hard to not go over the top and wear the cowboy boots. Do you believe me yet? Ok they were the first things I tried on. When in Kansas…

I had to include my new purse, because I love it. I got it as Ruche with my dress and it’s the perfect spring bag. It used to be a crossbody bag, but my dog ruined that immediately.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go write a country song about how my dog ate my purse in the back of a pick up truck. Kraemer, out.

What I Wore:
Dress: Ruche
Purse: Ruche
Jeggings: Target
Earrings: Walmart (yup)
Cardigan: Not sure
Boots: Thrifted


2 thoughts on “Marilyn Style: Gone Country

  1. This look is absolutely adorable! Too bad your “dress” came up a little short, I hate when I have to wear dresses as tunics! Oh well, still a darling outfit! 🙂

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