Jackie Style: The Go-To

I am so excited for the spring weather we’ve been having! We still get a few cold days but there’s been some really nice warmth. No more snow in the backyard? I’ll take it.

The nice weather has me bringing out some of my spring favorites, and this outfit is a go-to of mine. There’s just enough layering to keep me warm when the wind is chilly, but I still feel light in my dress and tights.



I love how great this dress looks with or without accessorizing. It makes for some fantastic outfit combinations!


I’m a huge fan of oxfords and I love seeing them so popular right now. However, I’m not always a huge fan of the perforations or different design qualities – sometimes, I just want a nice structured pair of shoes. I found these lovelies while visiting Santa Monica. The store had such amazingly affordable shoes, particularly some super cute oxfords! Had my luggage been larger than a carry-on size, I surely would have come home with more than the two pairs I managed to squeeze into the corners of my bag. I’ve had them for two years and love them ardently, so they are a bit…”well-loved.” 🙂 Still my most adorable oxfords!


 What I Wore:
Dress: ModCloth (clearance)
Cardigan: Ruche (old)
Scarf: ModCloth
Belt: Ruche
Tights: Target
Shoes: Somewhere in Santa Monica

Speaking of adorable, this week has been a pretty busy one – my husband and I adopted our first puppy! Her name is Luna Lovegood (we just call her Luna), and she is an 8-week-old Boston Terrier. I’m sure she will be making plenty of appearances in the future. Right now her favorite activity is sleepy snuggles 🙂

photo (1)



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