Jackie Style: Layers

This Minnesota winter has been brutal, more so than a normal season! Putting together fun, stylish outfits that also keep you from freezing to death is an unending battle of the native Midwesterner. But it is not impossible! The trick is knowing how to layer, and I mean really layer.


For this outfit, I wore fleece-lined leggings, leg warmers, fuzzy socks, another pair of socks, topped with my winter boots. You really can’t have too many pairs of socks when it’s below zero.

I wear the same boots pretty much all season because they are my one pair of cold weather footwear: they’re cute and they’ll keep me from falling on my butt when walking across the ice rinks we’ve been calling sidewalks. If you’re going to dedicate to any shoes for a season, the key is finding a good neutral color. I can always mix up my bold and bright tones with snuggly sweaters and accessories.



The weather reports claim it is supposed to get warm in Minnesota soon – warm, of course, being 30 degrees. Either way, I am excited to start peeling back some of the layers. Winter doesn’t usually bother me as much as other snowbirds, but this has been a long one.


What I wore:

Sweater: Forever 21 (old)
Dress: Old Navy (old)
Leggings: Francesca’s
Leg Warmers: Forever 21
Boots: Bare Trap (similar)
Scarf: ModCloth (similar)

– Brianna


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